Locally-produced Freeze Dried Candy!

Just outside of Dickinson, North Dakota…

A few years back, we moved to an abandoned farm atop a windswept clay hill. It’s been our dream to fix up an old homestead while cultivating a huge garden.

When grasshoppers took care of the first year’s harvest for us, our friends insisted we use our idle freeze dryer to process candy instead of veggies.

It turns out, they were onto something!

Using vacuum pressure, our equipment transforms treats into something unique. Freeze-dried candy tastes similar to its “raw” product, but even sweeter and crunchier.

It’s why we say: This ain’t your grandma’s candy!

–Frank and RaeLea Hurt

Frank and RaeLea Hurt of Hurt Ridge Candy
Frank and RaeLea Hurt, founders of Hurt Ridge Candy

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